For those of you who perceive 'aura' simply as a distinctive atmosphere or quality, The Magic of the Aura will open your eyes to a completely new and fascinating world and reveal the aura to be an incredible, scientifically proven metaphysical phenomenon: an electromagnetic energy field of a kaleidoscope of colours that surrounds each of us, reflecting our consciousness, emotions and vitality and containing a complete database of information about the individual.This handbook, aimed at both the layman and working psychic, examines evidence for the existence of the aura in various ancient cultures as well as relevant scientific research, and takes the reader on a journey from understanding and seeing the aura to harnessing and maximising its power using a whole host of easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods including meditation, visualisation, rhythmic breathing, water charging, dowsing, chanting, chakra balancing and Pranic, colour and crystal healing.This guide to the aura illustrates how, by working on the faculties through the aura to develop latent psychic skills, and by learning how to cultivate the aura and use it to its full advantage, each of us can gain more control over our lives, promote better health and vitality, develop a more positive outlook and ultimately lead happier and more successful lives.

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