A unique resource for physicists and engineers working with magnetic fieldsAn understanding of magnetic phenomena is essential for anyone working on the practical application of electromagnetic theory. Magnetic Fields: A Comprehensive Theoretical Treatise for Practical Use provides physicists and engineers with a thorough treatment of the magnetic aspects of classical electromagnetic theory, focusing on key issues and problems arising in the generation and application of magnetic fields. From magnetic potentials and diffusion phenomena to magnetohydrodynamics and properties of matter-topics are carefully selected for their relevance to the theoretical framework as well as current technologies. Outstanding in its organization, clarity, and scope, Magnetic Fields:Examines a wide range of practical problems, from magnetomechanical devices to magnetic acceleration mechanismsOpens each chapter with reference to pertinent engineering examplesProvides sufficient detail enabling readers to follow the derivation of the resultsDiscusses solution methods and their application to different problemsIncludes more than 300 graphs, 40 tables, 2,000 numbered formulas, and extensive references to the professional literatureReviews the essential mathematics in the appendices

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