Maitland Maternity - where the luckiest babies are born Triplet Secret Babies Judy Christenberry Unwed heiress Briana McCallum is expecting triplets. But the identity of the father is secret; rumour has it that she had met someone on a trip out of town almost eight months ago. Could the undisclosed daddy be newcomer Hunter Callaghan? Quadruplets on the Doorstep Tina Leonard Caleb McCallum had been an elusive bachelor, until April Sullivan wanted to raise abandoned quadruplet babies as her own. Her chances at adoption were slim - until she tied the knot with the handsome ex-cop. And now she is spending night after night with him... The McCallum Quintuplets Kasey Michaels, Mindy Neff & Mary Anne Wilson Three emotional stories set around the imminent arrival of The McCallum Quintuplets: When Dr Madeline Sheppard gets a makeover, her best friend starts to see her differently... Dr Zachary Beaumont gives in to temptation and kisses his tantalising nurse. New parents Adam and Maggie need a weekend getaway to rekindle their passion...

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