Greg Huszczo interviewed 500 people, asking each one to talk about a time they made a difference (1) at work, (2) in a relationship and (3) in their community. These discussions proved that every personality type has something valuable to offer at work, at home and globally. After determining which of the four core type personalities (Stabilizer, Harmonizer, Catalyst or Visionary) is the real you, this book will show you how you can enhance your life and others'--at work, in relationships and in communities--by tapping into your own natural strengths. You will be shown the 10 key ways your personality type tends to make a difference. Based on research using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you will be given assessment tools and planning forms to identify steps to take to integrate making a difference into your life. Get ready to gain valuable insights, read entertaining stories and make use of those wonderful innate strengths that already you possess!

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