This book is for teachers and student teachers looking to improve their practice in primary science. Throughout the book, the focus is on the learning of science as an investigative process through which pupils develop an understanding of ideas. This is supported by modules on different aspects of teaching and learning in science, including:* Building on children's own ideas* How to ask and answer questions* Managing practical work in the classroom* Science for very young children* Effective assessment, self-assessment and feedback* Cross-curricular links* ICT and science* Science outside the classroomEach module comprises of an introduction to the aspect; workshop materials to help teachers reflect on teaching, planning and managing primary science; guidance about typical pitfalls and problems; and suggestions for further reading. This book can also be used as a companion to the book for course leaders using Making Progress in Primary Science, 2nd edition. It follows exactly the same module structure and can be used by participants during their course and as a useful resource afterwards.

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