WINNER: 2011 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE. Torpedoed by a German U-boat, adrift on the open ocean, gravely weakened and slowly dying of thirst -- the odds of making shore are lengthening with each gruelling hour. Deliverance from the decaying lifeboat will take something far more remarkable than sheer endurance. And after survival at sea, yet more anguish lies in wait. Based on a true incident in 1942. "Dignified yet compelling... packs an enormous emotional wallop"--Mark Thornton, Costa Award judge 2010. "A novel of raw intensity and startling emotional power"--Lancashire Evening Post. "A remarkable imaginative achievement"--Edward Stourton. "Destined to become a true maritime classic "--Angus Konstam. "A brilliantly conceived story of endurance and romance"--Lord Butler. "A powerful and remarkable novel"--Army Children Archive. "Elevated to the realms of the truly memorable"--Simon Appleby, Bookgeeks. ENHANCED EDITION INCLUDES BONUS AUDIO & VIDEO: exclusive audio & video of interviews with the author and with 87-year-old Brian Clarke, whose wartime experience inspired this novel.

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