For the first time ever the story of Malaga Football Club is told in English. With thousands of British ex-pats and holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol attending every home game, they can now find out the extraordinary story behind the club they have taken to their hearts. The book details the complex origins and history of the club and gives an insight into the many characters who have contributed to its extraordinary past. Starting with the inception of football in Spain, it charts the story of the club from its humble beginnings at the turn of the twentieth century right up to the present-day institution, with accounts of the role of the city's links with the shipping and railway industries, the club's former 'royal' patronage, several disappearances and subsequent re-foundings, match-fixing scandals, ground closures andrefusal to fulfil fixtures, and even the assassination of the club's president. A great addition to the library of any genuine football fan, this is a book packed with information about the partthat Mlaga Football Club has played in the history of the city, and in Spanish football.

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