Everyone has secrets. Behind the tinted glass windows of limousines sit the wealthy and the famous leading perfect public lives. But when the doors to the mansions close the truth comes out, odd sex practices are revealed and power and money rule. Three beautiful women. Three marriages. Philandering husbands caught up in the whirlwind of women generated by the steamy Hollywood scene. But the husbands are not the only ones with roving eyes or forbidden sexual tastes. The place - exotic, erotic Malibu, California. Home of tanned bodies and famous movie stars, where the sun casts it's golden glow almost every day, sending shimmering shards of its burning brightness on to the sands of the world famous Colony. But this solar heat can barely compete with the glitzy, gorgeous world of the Malibu inhabitants. Maggie Carpenter's Malibu Heat - the sun, the surf and the people - offers a sizzling tale of sex, lust, domination and submission. No-one escapes its clutches.

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