Have you ever felt that finding a man, falling in love, and living happily ever after is totally out of your control? Is it possible to find a man who will be a friend and equal, but who will also do whatever you want him to do? And what can you do to make the man you already have give you everything you want? Never fear, Mama Gena is here with practical tools for a relationship that starts out good and only gets better. In Mama Gena's Owner's and Operator's Guide to Men, relationship expert Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena) will teach you how to effectively ""train"" your man and create a rewarding and intimate relationship for you both. Mama's secret to success is simple -- and possibly scandalous -- but here it is: Men live to serve women. They live to make their women happy, because when the woman isn't happy, nobody's happy. The fact is that relationships function best when the woman's desires are completely fulfilled. In this book Mama Gena shows women how to throw out the old ""survival model"" of relationships (in which women serve men to get food and shelter) and take on her Sister Goddess model (in which men serve women to get friendship, sex, and happiness) instead. Creating a relationship that's all about the woman requires a basic understanding of a man's perspective. Mama reveals some shocking truths -- such as men are not mind readers, men like to be acknowledged, and men want to believe they're getting their way. These are fundamentals that women often forget, or don't know how to incorporate into their everyday lives. The Owner's and Operator's Guide will show women not only how to train their men, but how to train themselves as well. Mama explains how and why women have to pay attention to their pleasure and know what makes them happy: Why you have to give up control in order to get it. How you have to communicate what you want. Why you have to be honest. Mama offers inventive strategies for finding a man, getting him to help you make the life you want, having a great sex life, and dealing with resistance along the way. Full of the author's trademark candor and easy wit, this book is an invaluable manual for women in any stage of a relationship. You'll learn how to gain control of your own behavior, take the lead in your relationship, and work with your partner toward getting what you both want -- a great partnership.

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