This book fills a gap in developmental books dealing with the normal prenatal mammalian brain. Most books that approach this topic work with non-human, non-vertebrate models. Mammalian Brain Development focuses on both the pre-natal and the peri-natal events that lead to brain damage as seen in the prospective of medical and research professionals, as well as examining the traditional nature versus nurture argument in the spectrum of brain development. The major topics addressed, in detail, in the book are sexual dimorphism, epigenetic action of gonadal hormones, environmental programming effects, autism, developmental learning disorders, seizures, and the etiopathogenesis of epileptic syndromes in young humans. The book also covers the general aspects of postnatal and pediatric neurological disorders in a unique and novel way by offering definitions of heredity, inheritance, genetic-epigenetic, genomic, molecular, developmental, and innate aspects of the mammalian brain in regards to its development.

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