Are you tired of nagging your guy to do stuff around the house? Wish he'd pay more attention to you and your relationship? Or maybe you'd like him to start acting his age . . . For years, "Whisperers" have gotten horses, dogs, and babies to behave, and now you can apply the same methodology to get your guy to do what you want! The Man Whisperer gives you all the tools you need to train your guy to do what you want! Authors Donna Sozio and Samantha Brett have men eating out of their hands, and here they share their secrets. Inside, readers will find persuasive tactics based on simple rewards and punishments that encourage positives and discourage negatives. Whether in the early days of dating or seriously committed, this modern communication guide gives solutions to thorny problems and a balanced mix of expert advice with humor and anecdotes so you can learn the essence of Whispering-and transform your guy into a well-tamed man!

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