The causes of chronic pain can range from a physical injury, arthritis or cancer, a neurological problem or environmental and psychological factors. Whatever the cause the sufferer endures complete disruption to their life and excruciating pain that no drug can alleviate. Manage Your Pain can guide anyone towards taking the first steps on the path towards recovery from pain. Drawing on the authors extensive experience and the latest research Manage Your Pain explains the positive and practical ways in which you can adapt to chronic pain and minimise the impact it has on your life. The way forward is to understand that there is a pattern to the pain you suffer and that practical steps can be taken to return to normal life. Manage Your Pain is now fully revised and updated to include a special chapter on pain management for older people, as well as clearly explaining the causes of pain and providing steps that anyone can take to minimise the impact of persistent pain on a sufferers life, work and leisure. The authors are highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who specialise in pain management. They bring several differing specialities to this book, ensuring that the widest range of treatments are covered. Professor Michael Nicolas and Dr Allan Molloy teach at the University of Sydney, Lois Tonkin is a senior physiotherapist while Lee Beeston is a senior nurse specialising in pain management programmes. They have all worked on the internationally acclaimed ADAPT programme at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

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