Lead your business into the future using on-demand computer platformsThe business world is abuzz with the revolutionary new technology of cloud computing. But thats all its beena buzzuntil now.Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution provides the practical information you need to position your company for the future. Using the game-changing technology of cloud computing, employees of any rank can provision themselves with only the computing power they need. What used to be an enormous investment and take up IT departments precious time will now be accomplished with the swipe of a credit card. Arming you with the critical understanding of how the cloud is going to dramatically transform the world of business, Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution:Spells out all the benefits of cloud computingReveals how to become a leadership example regarding cloud issuesHelps you formulate an effective cloud strategyUse the cloud for drastically improving your companys bottom lineIf you run a large business, cloud computing will save you huge money; if youre a small business owner, it enables you to utilize previously cost-prohibitive platforms. So if you want to compete in the future, you cant afford to miss Management Strategies for Cloud Computing.

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