Downsizings don't have to leave the exiting person devastated, the remaining people angry, the decision-makers stressed or the company open to litigation. With the Manager's Pocket Guide(R) to Downsizing with Confidence, you have a practical guide to planning and conducting a downsizing the right way so all the people involved come out ahead. Get straightforward answers to the 12 most often asked questions about downsizing: Why should we worry?; What are our real needs?; How much planning time do we really need?; How do we select who goes?; What can we do to show that we've been fair?; How - and what - do we tell the people who will exist?; How do we tell the people who will remain?; Do we do it all at once or in phases?; What about the media?; Is career transition assistance really necessary?; What if we need some of these people in nine months?; Now what? If you're a leader involved in any way with a downsizing - whether 10 or 1,000 people are involved - this book will provide invaluable advice. The recommendations are based on the authors' 20 years of research and experience designing, reviewing plans for and coordinating large and small downsizings.

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