This multi-authored text provides information on the pathophysiology of GERD, appropriate medical management, and proper indications for and performance of surgical and endoscopic procedures for GERD. Beginning with an overview of the current understanding of the pathophysiology of GERD, the book moves onto new information regarding tissue susceptibility, the role of bile and digestive enzymes, and cyclic changes in LES tone. Other chapters are devoted to standard therapeutic options for GERD, pharmacologic therapy, and surgery. Newer endoscopic treatments (Stretta, Endocinch, injection of bulking agents, etc) are also described. Subsequent chapters focus on the causes for failure of medical, endoscopic, and surgical therapies. The remainder is a detailed examination of medical, endoscopic, and surgical remedies for these treatment failures. This text is essential to any physician who manages patients with GERD, including internists, gastroenterologists, general surgeons, and thoracic surgeons.

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