Now fully revised and updatedthe classic book on effective R&D management"This thoughtful and detailed work outlines what is required in order to achieve the desired end results in a networked world where teamwork and collaboration are increasingly important to globally dispersed workforces."John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, CiscoPraise for the Second Edition"This is a superbly written book and could make an excellent reference and text for related university courses."E. Lile Murphree, Jr., PhD, former Chairman, Department of Engineering Management, The George Washington University"Provides a superb exposition of the role that social and psychological phenomena play in today's organizations."Fred E. Fiedler, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Washington, SeattleAs the economy shifts from producing goods to producing information, the role of researchers in shaping the future has become immense. By taking advantage of modern technology, the highly trained and predominantly autonomous researchers from around the globe collect and share information better than everyet, there is still a lack of an effective centralized structure for an R&D organization manager to integrate the efforts from many disparate individuals into a unified plan.Managing Research, Development, and Innovation, Third Edition covers the management skills and leadership theories essential to generating products and excelling in today's global economy. Topics of interest include how to design jobs, organize hierarchies, resolve conflicts, motivate employees, and create an innovative work environment. Discover how superior management skills can increase funding, generate profit, and improve the effectiveness of technologically based organizations. This new revised edition:Covers all aspects of the research and development processwith focus on the human management functionIncludes two new chapters covering the innovation process critical to research and development of new products and servicesOutlines the challenging issues related to diversity in science and technology organizations and provides insights as to how diversity can be used to enhance creativityManaging Research, Development, and Innovation, Third Edition is the most complete, insightful book of its kind. Useful for professionals and graduate students alike, the text demonstrates in clear, straightforward prose how good management skills will shape the future.

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