The goal of the essays included in this dissertation is to motivate Americans to think about the issues facing our nation, not from the perspective of one political party or another, but rather from a point of view as to what is best for our nation's future. We are all Americans, and most Americans want the same things. We may differ with our approach on how to best achieve the things we want for our families, our community, our nation, and ourselves but at our core, the majority of Americans agree with the goals of our nation. Are the glory days of America behind us? It is not too late to change the growing perception that this might be the case, but it requires the resolve of the American people to be accomplished. We are at war, not only against radical Islam and the forces of terrorism, but, more importantly, we are in an economic war that reflects directly on the ability of the United States to maintain its economic superpower status in the world. If we lose our status as the #1 economic superpower, life in America will change in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

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