Fiction publishing is alive, well, and growing - which is good news for you. You can get your fiction published, provided you know how to write an effective cover letter, create an outline that communicates what your fiction is about, and choose the best sample selection to arouse an editor's interest. This book shows you how to assemble a winning, selling fiction proposal to give your fiction the best possible chance of being published. It shows you how to make an editor want to see more of your novel, not just the proposal package. You'll find clear, specific strategies for keeping your manuscripts out of the "slush pile" and getting them directly into the hands of the right people. And how to make the most of your writing credits, credentials, and contacts you may already have, but aren't utilizing effectively. Most important, you get a clear, honest, no-nonsense look at fiction publishing today. In short, this book enables you to give your fiction its best chance for success.

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