Award-winning marketers Chip Conley and Eric Friedenwald-Fishman prove that 'marketing' is not a dirty word it is key to advancing both the value and values of any business They offer a thorough and practical guide to selling what you do, without selling-out who you are. Key features More and more MBAs are pursuing businesses that fuse personal values with profitability; yet, the ideas of ethics and marketing still often appear as mutually exclusive concepts. Conley and Friedenwald-Fishman show how this common misnomer can be overcome, allowing for the creation of marketing that embodies personal values rather than exploits them Through a reader-friendly 10-key-principles format, Marketing That Matters offers tried-and-tested practical guidance and examples in a condensed format. This user-friendly guide facilitates immediate, real-world implementation, and is written for the most rapidly expanding demographic in the business world: entrepreneurs.

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