Recent years have been tough on event planners and the special events industry. September 11, major economic downturns, wars and SARS have all hit the event planning industry hard. There are fewer corporate dollars than ever to go around for travel budgets and special events. In what was already a highly competitive industry, many planners and companies are struggling for their business survival. This book tells you all you need to know about how to market your event planning business and build a client base - in good times or in bad.Marketing Your Event Planning Business shows event planners and event management companies how to gain the competitive edge by setting themselves apart, pursuing new markets, and soliciting sales. It covers all the vital topics in event planning marketing, including how to: Diversify your client base Develop niche markets and areas of expertise Define and customize your customer service Establish a back-up plan for use during downturns Solicit sales and develop new business Market yourself within your company and in the industry Set up your own event planning business Marketing Your Event Planning Business is loaded with practical tips and examples, offering everyone in the event management business creative new ways to showcase their talents, build their business and bring added value to their clients. An indispensable tool for: event planners event planning management companies suppliers public relations, communications, and administrative professionals professionals in the hospitality, culinary, and travel industries

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