Enterprises such as Ikea, First Direct, Apple, Royal Canin or Starbucks are models not only because of their economic performances, but also because they leave a mark on society. Marking enterprises are special. They think and act in a specific manner. They cooperate with multiple outside stakeholders beyond a mere opportunistic transaction or mercantile approach. More than just satisfying an economic market, they serve, even construct and govern, societal territories. They fill relevant, political, cultural, or functional gaps. They also manage differently. They consider customers to be intelligent, responsible adults living in a complex and ever evolving society. They interact intensively with consumers. They act as moral communities. They listen to emerging societal changes and values. They co-opt many outside allies and relays.Marking enterprises succeed because they invent alternative approaches about branding, marketing and strategizing. This challenging book makes them explicit and replicable. It offers a ground breaking new framework to business practices and to management sciences.

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