The Marcolini Blackmail Marriage No one asks a Marcolini for a divorce. Especially not a gold-digger, who could walk away with the family's fortune! Claire is innocent - but can she prove it before Antonio Marcolini blackmails her back into his bed? The Valtieri Marriage Deal Isabelle Thompson is convinced it must have been a heady mix of the warm Tuscan sun and the powerful chemistry between herself and Luca Valtieri that made her, for once, follow her heart. It led her right into the gorgeous Italian's bed! Back in London, she vows never to contact him. Then Luca arrives and Isabelle discovers that their passionate night has left her pregnant! The Italian Doctor's Bride Nic di Angelis's arrival has stirred up considerable interest in the Scottish village of Lochanrig! The gorgeous Italian has won the hearts of the whole village - apart from that of Dr Hannah Frost. But even she cannot ignore the passionate attraction she feels for Nic forever...

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