Massage: A Flowmotion Book : Discover Health, Wholeness, and Well-Being With This Time-Honored Healing Art (A Flowmotion Book)


Book Description With the best techniques, the utmost expertise, and the greatest sensitivity, Flowmotion shows how to give a restorative, relaxing, full-body massage. With this revolutionary photographic system, it's easy to see exactly how to do each stroke, each form of gentle kneading, each method of petrissage, effleurage, and circular friction. Try soft knuckles gently pressing into the flesh; a cupping stroke over the whole leg; stretching out the sacrum; giving thumb friction on either side of the spine; kneading up beside the shinbone; and much more. Just follow the pictures to develop your skills and reach new heights of excellence. No matter whether the lucky recipient is sitting for a quick shoulder and back rub; lying down for the full treatment, or receiving a facial massage: every subtle delicate movement that's needed is caught on the page.

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