Server-Side Development Is Easier Than You ThinkNot so long ago, anyone who knew HTML, even casually, was considered to have a special skill. Now, if you don't at least dabble in server-side web development, you're already behind. Fortunately, Mastering JSP is a great way to build the skills you need today. Inside, you'll learn to design and develop a wide range of JSP-based web applications, beginning with a basic, dynamically generated website. From there you'll build apps that read from and write to databases, create your own custom tags, and process and present XML. Throughout, you're helped by detailed, completely illuminated examples.Coverage includes:Making a servlet configurableUsing JavaBeans inside Java Server PagesBuilding basic JavaBeans for storing user preferences and utility functionsRecovering source code from binary class filesBuilding a basic database applicationHandling exceptions and using assertsRedirecting error output to a fileScanning error logs using a servletUsing a pop-up menu to avoid troublesome actionsDisplaying XML files using XSLT and JSPMaking a servlet-based watermarking applicationProviding dynamic authentication with roles, permissions, and accessBuilding a Model-View Controller applicationImproving prototyping with ResultSets using a custom classAbstracting data access code using Java ObjectsCreating a custom tag to handle client-side JavaScriptAbstracting data access SQL using meta-data, JavaBeans, and EJBNote: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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