The Visual Basic Book Programmers Count On If you want to learn how to use Visual Basic 2010, you?ve come to the right place. New users, you?ll build a simple VB application in the very first chapter, getting you quickly up to speed on the VB user interface and simple coding. Intermediate and advanced users, you can bypass the basics and jump straight to building data–driven applications, working with .NET 4.0 framework, creating rich client and web applications, programming with web services, and much more. Packed with step–by–step instruction and real–world scenarios for users of all levels, this book is what you need to build top–level skills in Visual Basic 2010. Coverage includes: Getting started with Visual Basic 2010 Mastering VB programming essentials, including GUI design, event–driven programming, basic Windows controls, and more Working with custom classes, controls, and objects Understanding the .NET...

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