Your Complete Guide to the World's Leading Linux Enterprise DistributionRed Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is emerging as the corporate Linux standard. One of the first books to focus on this robust product, Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 gives you the practical information you need to install, configure, and network Linux on a large number of computers. For experienced administrators, this book uniquely features detailed coverage of Apache, TUX, Samba, NFS, vsFTP, Squid, SSH, DNS, DHCP, iptables, CUPS, sendmail, Postfix, NIS, LDAP, MySQL, system administration command line and GUI tools and utilities for each phase of the management process. It also helps you configure the GUI for enterprise workstations. Topics include:Installing Linux on a standalone system, over a network, and automatically on multiple computersNavigating the command line interfaceAdministering users and groups securelyManaging packages with the RPM GUI toolConfiguring and troubleshooting the boot processUpgrading and recompiling kernelsBacking up your system with RAIDUnderstanding basic TCP/IP networkingManaging Linux on your LANSecuring Linux firewallsEnsuring secure remote accessInstalling, configuring, and testing DNS, DHCP, CUPS, sendmail and Postfix mail serversConfiguring and troubleshooting FTP, NFS, Samba, Apache, TUX, and SquidEffectively using Linux authentication services--NIS and LDAPUsing Red Hat GUI administrative tools appropriatelySetting up MySQL for databasesManaging X servers and X clientsWorking with GNOME and KDE

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