Make Volatility and Risk Work forYou with Forex Trading!This book should be in every trader/investors library. As we come out of thisdepressed market . . . this book can be your companion, helping you avoidmistakes and enhance your trading/investment program.Bill M. Williams, author of Trading ChaosWhether youre just getting started trading the worlds most exciting financial market,or youre looking to add to your trading edge, [the authors] have written an engagingbook packed with powerful techniques that you can use right now.Rob Booker, trader, author, educator, and founder and host of TraderRadio.netThe foreign exchange market is the largesttrading market in the world, withaverage daily volume well into the trillions.Because the market is always characterized byhigh liquidity, forex traders benefit most fromvolatile marketsmaking it the ideal investmentapproach today and well into the future.Mastering the Currency Market is a comprehensiveguide to currency and futures tradingstrategies and techniques for both highly volatileand nonvolatile markets.Putting to work their vast and highly diverseexperience in forex trading, the authors explainhow to take advantage of the many benefitsof foreign exchange trading, includingits low cost of entry afforded by margin, andthe dynamic pricing by nature of the competitivemarketplace. Mastering the CurrencyMarket is divided into five sections covering:The basics of trading currenciesFundamental analysis ofprice valuationTechnical analysis andtrading chartsTrading philosophy andpsychological disciplineVolatility and risk managementWith four decades of combined experience,the authors clearly communicate to you a tradingmethod that will give you the confidenceto both analyze markets and execute tradessuccessfully, regardless of underlying marketconditions.As 2008 introduced nightmare scenarios forinvestors around the world, it was Al Gaskillsmost productive period of his trading career.He used the same trading methods spelled outin this book.Apply the lessons inside and youll see profitsrise during periods of high market volatility,and when the market slows down, you candownshift to countertrending methods. Itsa win-win investing method, and Masteringthe Currency Market leads you through it everystep of the way.

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