Enter a New World of Database ProgrammingVisual Basic .NET and ADO.NET facilitate the development of a new generation of database applications, including disconnected applications that run on the Web. Mastering Visual Basic .NET Database Programming is the resource you need to thrive in this new world. Assuming no prior experience with database programming, this book teaches you every aspect of the craft, from GUI design to server development to middle-tier implementation. If you're familiar with earlier versions of ADO, you'll master the many new features of ADO.NET all the more quickly. You'll also learn the importance of XML within the new .NET paradigm.Coverage includes:Getting familiar with the ADO.NET object modelUsing the data access wizardsTaking advantage of new SQL Server 2000 featuresCarrying out XSL Transformations and XPath queriesGenerating XML using the T-SQL FOR XML statementBinding controls to ADO.NET result setsArriving at a sound database designTuning your SQL Server 2000 databaseUsing the XML Designer in Visual Studio .NETLeveraging the data access tools available in the Visual Studio .NET IDEWorking with .NET data providersChoosing between streaming data and caching dataWorking with the Data Form Wizard in Visual Studio .NETUsing advanced ADO.NET techniquesBuilding a threaded applicationUsing .NET's advanced exception handling capabilitiesUsing the .NET Deployment Project TemplateNote: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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