Get Everything You Can Out of Visual C# and the .NET FrameworkMastering Visual C# .NET is the best resource for getting everything you can out of the new C# language and the .NET Framework. You'll master C# language essentials, quickly taking advantage of the many improvements it offers over C++ and see tons of examples that show you all the ways that .NET can make your programming more efficient and your applications more powerful. You'll learn how to create stand-alone applications, as well as build Windows, web, and database applications. You'll even see how to develop web servicesa technology that holds great promise for the future of distributed application.Coverage includes:Mastering the fundamentals and advanced aspects of the C# languageUsing Visual Studio .NET for increased coding productivity and debuggingCreating distributed applications with remoting and web servicesUnderstanding object-oriented conceptsDelivering data across the Internet with web servicesUsing XML to communicate with other applicationsAccessing databases with ADO.NETBuilding Windows applicationsCreating web applications using ASP.NETReading and writing data from/to files or the InternetUsing advanced data structures to store and manipulate informationUsing multi-threading for greater application efficiencyUsing reflection to manipulate running codeBuilding distributed applications with remoting and web servicesSecuring code and authenticating usersUsing built-in encryption facilitiesMaking your applications world-readyParsing strings with regular expressionsUsing delegates to handle runtime eventsProgramming defensively with exception handling

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