With the third edition of his popular Mathematica in Action, award-winning author Stan Wagon guides readers through the important changes that have been made to Mathematica 6.0. To utilize the more sophisticated graphics capabilities of 6.0, Wagon has significantly expanded the chapters on surfaces and the parametric plotting of surfaces. The chapter on differential equations now includes material from VisualDSolve , built into Mathematica 6.0. Like previous editions, this is not only an introduction to Mathematica 6.0, but also a tour of modern mathematics by one of the fields most gifted expositors. Wagon explores some of the most important areas of modern mathematics with new chapters on optimization, including algebraic and numerical optimization, and linear and integer programming. Connections are also made to computer science with new material on graphs and networks. Wagon is the author of nine books on mathematics, including A Course in Computational Number Theory , named one of the ten best math books of 2000 by the American Library Association. He has written extensively on the educational applications of Mathematica, inlcuding the books VisualDSolve: Visualizing Differential Equations with Mathematica, and Animating Calculus: Mathematica Notebooks for the Laboratory. From Reviews of the Second Edition: 'The bottom line is that is an outstanding book containing many examples of real uses of Mathematica for the novice, intermediate, and expert user.' Mark McClure, Mathematica in Education and Research Journal 'In a dazzling range of examples Stan Wagon shows how such features as animation, 3-dimensional graphics and high-precision integer arithmetic can contribute to our understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.' Richard Walker, The Mathematical Gazette

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