The purpose of this textbook is to present an array of topics in Calculus, andconceptually follow our previous effort Mathematical Analysis I.The present material is partly found, in fact, in the syllabus of the typical second lecture course in Calculus as offered in most Italian universities.While the subject matter known as `Calculus 1' is more or less standard, andconcerns real functions of real variables, the topics of a course on `Calculus 2'can vary a lot, resulting in a bigger flexibility. For these reasons the Authors tried to cover a wide range of subjects, not forgetting that the number of credits the current programme specifications confers to a second Calculus course is not comparable to the amount of content gathered here. The reminders disseminated in the text make the chapters more independent from one another, allowing the reader to jump back and forth, and thus enhancing the versatility of the book.On the website: 2,the interested reader may find the rigorous explanation of the results thatare merely stated without proof in the book, together with useful additional material. The Authors have completely omitted the proofs whose technical aspects prevail over the fundamental notions and ideas.The large number of exercises gathered according to the main topics at theend of each chapter should help the student put his improvements to the test. The solution to all exercises is provided, and very often the procedure for solving is outlined.

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