This invaluable book is a collection of 31 important — both in ideas and results — papers published by mathematical logicians in the 20th Century. The papers have been selected by Professor Gerald E Sacks. Some of the authors are Gödel, Kleene, Tarski, A Robinson, Kreisel, Cohen, Morley, Shelah, Hrushovski and Woodin.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: The Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis (364 KB)Contents:The Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis (P J Cohen)Higher Set Theory and Mathematical Practice (H M Friedman)Measurable Cardinals and Analytic Games (D A Martin)Categoricity in Power (M Morley)Hyperanalytic Predicates (Y N Moschovakis)Stable Theories (S Shelah)On the Singular Cardinals Problem (J Silver)On Degrees of Recursive Unsolvability (C Spector)Denumerable Models of Complete Theories (R L Vaught)Supercompact Cardinals, Sets of Reals, and Weakly Homogeneous Trees (W H Woodin)and other papersReadership: Researchers and graduate students in logic.

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