Contents:Millennium Lecture — Cairo, 15 January 2000 (M Atiyah)Trends for Science and Mathematics in the 21st Century (P A Griffiths)Arabic Mathematics and Rewriting the History of Mathematics (R Rashed)The Paradigm Shift in Mathematics Education: A Scenario for Change (W Ebeid)Einstein's Theory of Spacetime and Gravity (J Ehlers)Moduli Problems in Geometry (M S Narasimhan)Enumerative Geometry from the Greeks to Strings (C Procesi)Optical Solitons: Twenty-Seven Years of the Last Millennium and Three More Years of the New? (R K Bullough)Concepts of Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems (T Küpper)Radical Theory: Developments and Trends (R Wiegandt)On Minimal Subgroups of Finite Groups (M Asaad)Totally and Mutually Permutable Products of Finite Groups (A Ballester-Bolinches)Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of Evolution Equations (B Basit)On Nonlinear Evolution Equations with Applications (L Debnath)A Robust Layer-Resolving Numerical Method for a Free Convection Problem (J Étienne et al.)Growth Value-Distribution and Zero-Free Regions of Entire Functions and Sections (F F Abi-Khuzam)Three Linear Preserver Problems (A R Sourour)Prediction: Advances and New Research (E K Al-Hussaini)Inference on Parameters of the Laplace Distribution Based on Type-II Censored Samples Using Edgeworth Approximation (N Balakrishnan et al.)Mathematical Models in the Theory of Accelerated Experiments (V Bagdonavicius & M Nikulin)The Vibrations of a Drum with Fractal Boundary (J Fleckinger-Pellé)Intermediate States: Some Nonclassical Properties (M S Abdalla & A-S F Obada)On the Relativistic Two-Body Equation (S R Komy)Singularities in General Relativity and the Origin of Charge (K Buchner)The Inner Geometry of Light Cone in Godel Universe (M Abdel-Megied)Readership: Mathematicians.

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