What happens when love doesnt add up?Dr Paul MacMillan is a professor of Chaos Theory. Specialist subject: storm patterns. A month after the death of his father, Pauls life has ground to a halt. With his itinerant neer do well brother, Chancer, in his spare room, his girlfriend Emma pushing for a future and the arrival of a beautiful new PhD student, Zainab, prediction is proving increasingly difficult. Then the discovery of his fathers final and surprise possession catapults Pauls world into real chaos.Intelligent, witty and sincere, this drama combines strong emotion with knowing humour and a cleverly relevant academic backbone, whereby scientific theories rebound themes and motifs, and inform the characters apparently random decisions and actions.Mathematics of the Heart won the Brighton Fringe Festival New Writing South Best New Play 2011 andthe Evening Argus Outstanding Artistic Contribution Award 2011.

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