Featuring completely original material from a new team of Maya know-it-alls, this second edition of an award-winning book is sure to inform and inspire even the most seasoned Maya user. In this distinctive Maya Press title, a cadre of professionals led by two acclaimed Maya pros, reveal the precious secrets theyve learned using Maya on high-profile CG projects such as The Matrix, Shrek 2, and X-Men.In nine unique and compelling chapters, youll get detailed and sophisticated instruction on how to:Enhance fluidity and realism by generating complex motion with Maya ClothApply non-photorealistic rendering styles that mimic the look of comic books and impressionist paintingsEmulate real-world camera motion, from dolly-and-pan movement to varying levels of camera shakeProduce natural lighting effects using global illumination and image based lightingEnsure smooth and accurate transfer of character data from modeling to rigging to animation to lightingControl IK chains, deformers, and surfaces with Maya Hair's dynamic curvesUse dynamics effectively to create flexible objects and add secondary effects to enhance your animationUse Mayas built-in noise function to produce powerful effects similar to those used in The Matrix trilogyCreate a human face from a conceptual sketch using subdivision surfaces

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