Asking for help is a universally dreaded prospect. We often choose instead to continue on alone, struggling valiantly and often unnecessarily with day-to-day burdens or even with crises, convinced that asking for help would exact an emotional price too high to bear. Nonetheless, in a world where people are living longer than ever before and may need ever more support over time, reliance on others has become increasingly necessary. It is time to send the universal signal: Mayday! Consider the statistics: There are 11.9 million single parents bringing up their children in the US today (including 2.1 million single fathers), many of whom work full-time. In addition, each year 50 million adults act as caregivers for chronically ill, disabled, or aged family members. Primary caregivers often do not get consistent help from other family members. One study indicates that at least 75% of these people are going it alone. Unfortunately, many parents and adult children feel unable to ask for...

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