Master MBA key concepts without stepping foot in a classroomSave yourself the thousands of dollars it cost for an MBA education. Dr. Milo Sobel presents core concepts taught in prestigious MBA programs such as Harvard, Wharton, and Stanfordowithout the heavy price tag and heavier classroom hours. With MBA in a Nutshell, you can quickly and easily implement essential MBA core curriculum into your professional lifeostripping away useless theory and focusing on practical application, which is what you really need to be successful in business.In MBA in a Nutshell, youll learn how to:Accelerate and increase incoming cash flowAssess and rank investment opportunitiesEvaluate company performance using financial statementsFollow step-by-step instruction to draft strategic business plansTurn uncertain business forecasts into reliable estimatesFind ways to increase revenue and profit while dramatically reducing costsChock-full of practical examples, formulas, and concepts and skills that can be immediately used and implemented, MBA in a Nutshell is a must-read to build skills to enhance your career and help your company grow and succeed.

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