WE WANT TO HELP YOU MAKE SENSE OF LSAT LOGIC GAMESYou can learn to solve those tricky LSAT logic gamesand we can teach you how to do it. This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to work through every game type, how to diagram logical relationships, and how to use targeted tools to answer questions quickly and easily. Every problem-solving technique in this book has been developed and refined by law school students who aced the LSAT. Whatever the game type, youll learn the techniques you need to solve the most complex logic problems. find the correct answers, and raise your LSAT score.McGraw-Hill's Conquering LSAT Logic Games helps you develop logic-solving skills with72 practice logic games with solutionsLogic tools to help you solve any kind of logic gameDiagramming techniques that you can use for every game typeThe breakthrough Curvebreakers logic games solution methods

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