SIERRA'S HOMECOMING When she moved to her family's ranch, Sierra McKettrick was disconcerted by its handsome caretaker, Travis Reid. But when her son claimed to see a mysterious boy and an heirloom teapot started popping up unexpectedly, Sierra wondered if their attraction was the least of her worries. In 1919 widowed Hannah McKettrick lived at the ranch with her son and brother-in-law, Doss. Her confused feelings for Doss and her son's health occupied her thoughts...until the teapot started disappearing. Are Sierra and Hannah living parallel lives? THE MCKETTRICK WAY Meg McKettrick wants a baby--husband optional. Perfect father material is Brad O'Ballivan, old flame and ranch owner in Stone Creek. Meg wants things her way...the McKettrick way. But Brad feels as strongly about the O'Ballivan way. Marriage, babies and a lifetime to share is he wants. Not a single night of passion, an unexpected pregnancy and a woman who won't budge. It's a battle of wills he intends to win...

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