Mechanics Over Micro and Nano Scales covers the recent developments in the fields of mechanics in all forms over micro, meso and nano scales. Special emphasis is given to related novel applications and includes fundamental aspects of fluid and solid mechanics, soft matters, scaling laws, and synthetic biology. At the micro and nano scales, realization of many technologically viable ideas relies on the skillful integration of mechanics at macroscopic and molecular levels, both for solids as well as fluids. Research in the related areas is no longer confined to the understanding of the governing the physics of the system, but is also responsible for triggering a technological revolution at small scales. This book also: discusses the fundamentals of mechanics over micro and nano scales in a level accessible to multi-disciplinary researchers, with a balance of mathematical details and physical principles, covers life sciences and chemistry for use in emerging applications related to mechanics over small scales and demonstrates the explicit interconnection between various scale issues and the mechanics of miniaturized systems.Mechanics Over Micro and Nano Scales is an ideal book for researchers and engineers working in mechanics of both solids and fluids.

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