During the mid-1990s, the O.J. Simpson murder trial dominated the media in the United States and were circulated throughout the world via global communications networks. The case became a spectacle of race, gender, class and violence, bringing in elements of domestic melodrama, crime drama and legal drama. According to this fascinating new book, the Simpson case was just one example of what the author calls 'media spectacle' - a form of media culture that puts contemporary dreams, nightmares, fantasies and values on display. Through the analysis of several such media spectacles - including Elvis, The X Files, Michael Jordan, and the Bill Clinton sex scandals - Doug Kellner draws out important insights into media, journalism, the public sphere and politics in an era of new technologies. In this excellent follow up to his best selling Media Culture, Kellner's fascinating new volume delivers an informative read for students of sociology, culture and media.

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30. Dezember 2014

Ah, toda vez que vierem me encher o safo sobre porquê odeio McDonald's, vou enviar isto.

No refl ective person thinking about what sort of food they should eat for
health and nutrition should choose McDonald’s. Indeed, when refl ecting on where
one might eat, one should ask whether one wants to constitute oneself as a junk-food
consumer or a mindless Big Mac chomper. Questions of ethics as well as culinary
choice should be raised, and individuals should consider whether they want to accept
or protest McDonald’s labor practices, its environmental proliferation of waste, its
fast-food experience, and its animal-, fat-, and chemical-based food.