Mediation is a highly effective method of reducing conflict, resolving disputes and building a productive workplace. Mediation for Managers: Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Relationships at Work focuses on conflict resolution strategies and takes these skills out of the classroom and puts them directly where they are needed most: in the hands of managers. This accessible and practical toolkit provides exercises, case studies and mediation techniques that will enable you to become an effective mediator at work. John Crawley and Katherine Graham walk you through the four main conflict management styles--Avoider, Controller, Accommodator and Collaborator--and the steps in the mediation process itself, including separate sessions with each party, an assessment of the situation and a joint meeting. With in-depth explanations on each step and concrete examples of high-conflict situations, you will get practical advice on the best approaches and skills needed to be an effective mediator. You will develop day-to-day mediation skills, including ways to handle "isms" (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.), and learn to how to bring positive outcomes from a wide range of interpersonal disputes, like customer complaints, grievances, bullying and harassment. Learn to take the adversity out of diversity by offering people an alternative to formal complaints and grievances. Improve your bottom line by eliminating stress, illness and staff loss that result from conflict. Rebuild relationships by refocusing people on their core tasks. Stimulate healthy change by bringing positive effects out of managed conflicts. As a mediating manager, you can deal with different demands, personalities and behaviors while setting a positive example and hugely enhance your value to colleagues on both a professional and personal level!

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