Complete, up-to-date coverage of the broad area of nucleic acid chemistry and biologyAssembling contributions from a collection of authors with expertise in all areas of nucleic acids, medicinal chemistry, and therapeutic applications, Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids presents a thorough overview of nucleic acid chemistrya rapidly evolving and highly challenging discipline directly responsible for the development of antiviral and antitumor drugs. This reliable resource delves into a multitude of subject areas involving the study of nucleic acidssuch as the new advances in genome sequencing, and the processes for creating RNA interference (RNAi) based drugsto assist pharmaceutical researchers in removing roadblocks that hinder their ability to predict drug efficacy. Offering the latest cutting-edge science in this growing field, Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids includes:In-depth coverage of the development and application of modified nucleosides and nucleotides in medicinal chemistryA close look at a large range of current topics on nucleic acid chemistry and biologyEssential information on the use of nucleic acid drugs to treat diseases like cancerA thorough exploration of siRNA for RNAi and the regulation of microRNA, non-coding RNA (ncRNA), a newly developing and exciting research areaThorough in its approach and promising in its message, Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids probes the new domains of pharmaceutical researchand exposes readers to a wealth of new drug discovery opportunities emerging in the dynamic field of nucleic acid chemistry.

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