3 Mediterranean Men: Gorgeous, sexy and hot-blooded - but are they marriage material? The Italian's Forgotten Baby Raye Morgan Architect Marco Di Santo has amnesia, so he returns to the beautiful island of Ranai to find his memories and socialite Shayna Pierce. They relive their romance, but she has a bombshell... The Sicilian's Bride Carol Grace Inheriting a Sicilian vineyard is Isabel Morrison's chance to stand on her own two feet. But vintner Dario Montessori will do anything to claim this land...and the stubborn redhead who stands in his way? Hired: The Italian's Bride Donna Alward Mariella Ross has built a new life at the Fiori Cascade hotel and she isn't going to allow the new Italian owner's devil-may-care attitude to destroy it! Not even if Luca Fiori's playboy charm is irresistible.

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