Memory itself is inseparable from all other brain functions and involves distributed dynamic neural processes. A wealth of publications in neuroscience literature report that the concerted action of distributed multiple oscillatory processes (EEG oscillations) play a major role in brain functioning. The analysis of function-related brain oscillations is currently one of the most important areas of neuroscience research. Memory and Brain Dynamics: Oscillations Integrating Attention, Perception, Learning, and Memory bridges the disciplines of neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, and EEG brain dynamics to examine how the brain represents mental events that are interwoven with memory. The book presents a new study-framework that links oscillatory brain activity with the concept of dynamic memory. In the main portion of the text, the memory is treated as an alliance of attention, perception, learning, and memory. Empirical evidence is dealt with in separate sections from theory development, yet these two parts of the book are carefully combined to present a unique philosophical/scientific perspective on brain function. Professor Erol Basar, Ph.D., is one of the pioneers emphasizing the importance of oscillatory brain dynamics for integrative brain function and memory since the 1970s.

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