Only a few months before, Richard 11.-Kent, wicked, and treacherous-had been dethroned, and Henry IV. declared King in his stead, But it was only a seeming peacefulness, lasting but for a little while for though king Henry proved himself a just and a merciful man-as justice and mercy went with the men of iron of those clays-and though he did not care to shed blood needlessly, there were many noble families who had been benefited by King Edward during his reign, and who had lost somewhat of their power and prestige from the coming in of the new King. Among these were a number of great lords the Dukes of Albemarle, Surrey, and Exeter, the Earl of Marquis of Dorset, the Earl of Gloucester, and others-who had been degraded to their former titles and estates, from which King Richard had lifted them. These and others brewed a secret plot to take King Henrys life, which plot might have succeeded had not one of their own number betrayed them. Their plan had been to fall upon the King and his...

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