This book will provide basic guidelines for facilitating the educational advancement of under represented students in the sciences, not only from the student perspective but also from the perspective of faculty advisors/mentors. Although the proper mentoring and advising of students about careers and preparation for the education and training associated with them is one of the most important components of a student's education process, this aspect has been severely lacking in academia in the past as well as the present. This is particularly the case with under represented ethnic minorities, despite the fact that mentoring of minority students has been identified as probably the most effective means for assisting them in achieving success. There are a multitude of reasons for this deficiency, including not enough mentors, students not reaching out, lack of resources as well as other societal and academic limitations. This book provides tips to help guide a student on choosing mentors, what to expect from mentoring, and effectively developing a strong personal portfolio. Tips are also provided to scientists and faculty on being an effective mentor. The emphasis of the book will be primarily on students of color in the sciences, who are severely under represented, and will be presented in a guidebook format to simplify the process as much as possible.

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