There do not appear to be any recent books on metal fatigue which are presented in a format that appeals to engineers, and which can be recommended to newcomers to the topic. This book aims to present the important ideas in metal fatigue in as straightforward a manner as possible for the benefit of readers who need to be able understand more advanced documents on a wide range of metal fatigue topics. Indications on how metal fatigue problems are solved in engineering practice are included. The prerequisite knowledge required for readers is a basic understanding of stress analysis and mathematics covered in engineering undergraduate courses. No prior knowledge of metal fatigue is assumed.The book has several objectives. Firstly, to explain the terminology used in metal fatigue. Secondly, to provide a brief description of the mechanisms of metal fatigue. Thirdly, to describe the basis of design against the fatigue failure of components and structures. Fourthly, to provide examples illustrating various points made. Finally, the overall objective is to provide a firm foundation for readers who wish to study various aspects of metal fatigue in more detail, including finding solutions to specific fatigue problems.

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