This book is devoted to the study of pseudo-differential operators, with special emphasis on non-selfadjoint operators, a priori estimates and localization in the phase space. We expose the most recent developments of the theory with its applications to local solvability and semi-classical estimates for nonselfadjoint operators. The first chapter is introductory and gives a presentation of classical classes of pseudo-differential operators. The second chapter is dealing with the general notion of metrics on the phase space. We expose some elements of the so-called Wick calculus and introduce general Sobolev spaces attached to a pseudo-differential calculus. The third and last chapter, is devoted to the topic of non-selfadjoint pseudo-differential operators. After some introductory examples, we enter into the discussion of estimates with loss of one derivative, starting with the proof of local solvability with loss of one derivative under condition (P). We show that an estimate with...

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