Are you a programmer yearning to be your own boss and ready for the profits and tribulations thereof? Where do you turn for information? The literature-online and off-has yet to catch up with the bust reality. You'll find lots of old information on attracting venture capital, how "shareware" works, and what it was like in Silicon Valley's heyday. But you won't find out how to bootstrap an online business in today's marketplace. Until now.
Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality explains what works and why, in today's emerging micro-ISV sector. Micro Independent Software Vendors (micro-ISVs) have become both a major source of applications, and a realistic career alternative for IT professionals. Today there are thousands of programmers building and delivering great solutions to problems worldwide, with success and revenues far larger than you might think. Written by, for, and with the considerable help of some of the leading micro-ISVs, this book is ideal if you want to do more than just dream of having your own business.

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